Cyberpunk 2020

On the trail of the Philharmonic Vampyres

Mia and Silva didn't have to wait too long for the tracers they planted on the suspicious cyberware to start moving. As they set out to intercept one of the tracers, Ian Murphy relayed a report that a man was found dead in a police holding cell, a victim of sabotaged cyberware that had turned against the very body it inhabited. He asked his team to see what they could find out.

As luck would have it, one of Mia's tracers was on the cyberware implicated in the unfortunate criminal's death. That gave them half of the puzzle complete – now Mia and Silva just needed to discover who had sold the hapless man the corrupted equipment in the first place. 

Some of Mia's other tracers showed up in the neighborhood of the [x] Theater. Rumor had it that the Philharmonic Vampyres had their base of operations in the sewers beneath the theater; but security around the [x] was so tight that Mia and Silva stood little chance of getting inside for a look around.

They decided to stay in the neighborhood and spend some time listening to gossip and watching for suspicious behavior. An eavesdropping session at a noodle bar revealed that the Philharmonic Vampyres were in the middle of an internal power-struggle. Mia and Silva moved to a karaoke club as the evening grew late, hoping to turn up more information or to catch sight of Vampyre activity.

Despite Mia's clever disabling of the bar's audio scrambling system, Silva didn't overhear anything helpful. Just as they were beginning to think of calling it a day, Kevin showed up. He egged Mia on to try a bit of karaoke, which she gleefully did. When they switched to dancing, they tried to get Silva to join in, all but dragging her onto the flashing, multi-colored dancefloor. Maybe it was because Silva was so reluctant,  or maybe it was because Kevin didn't really know what he was doing – whatever the reason, Silva found herself spun around and fell to the floor. Kevin and Mia burst out laughing; Silva stormed out of the bar vowing never to return.

Back to work the next day, Mia and Silva worked to connect the Philharmonic Vampyres to the bad cyberware. Mia's tracers had settled at a warehouse known as a repository of fine art and antiques – just the sort of place the affluent, mischievous Vampyres would have access to. Fingers crossed (and lightly armed), Mia and Silva made their way to the warehouse to see what they could learn. 



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