Cyberpunk 2020

Vampyres & Werewolves

Mia and Silva arrived at the warehouse unnoticed. Mia's skills with tech and electronics smoothed the pair's way into the building and got them access to the surveillance cameras. They ran back the recordings. Just as they suspected, a gang of people dressed in the characteristic top hats and tailcoats had dropped off the containers of bad cyberware. But just as the Vampyres were about to leave, the group was jumped by more than a dozen clawed figures. Silva and Mia watched, horrified, as the Vampyres were quickly and grotesquely slaughtered.

The claws meant only one thing – this was the Werewolves of London. The problem was, the Wolves didn't exist. Not officially, at least. According to the police, to the Night City government, and to anyone who hadn't had their brain fried by bad wiring, the Wolves were an urban legend and nothing more. But now Mia and Silva had evidence to the contrary. And they were as ruthless, efficient, and terrifying as the back-alley whispers suggested.

With copies of the warehouse surveillance recordings in hand, Mia and Silva rushed back to the Net 54 offices. They brought Ian Murphy up to speed with their discoveries and made him a deal: he could take over the story establishing the Werewolves of London as a very real and very active gang, while they would author the story about the Philharmonic Vampyres peddling corrupted cyberware themselves. They netted a reward from the District Attorney's office and earned the respect of their fellow reporters for their work.

However, neither of them was quite as willing to let go of the Werewolves expose as they had acted. With no other leads or tips even half as interesting, Mia and Silva did a quick search of Ian Murphy's office to see where he might have gone and who he might be talking to about the Wolves.

Trading on his name, they landed a meeting with Detective Yukimura Tamiyo, who, oddly enough, seemed to be expecting them when they arrived at Night City Precinct One. According to Yukimura, the investigation into the Werewolves was shut down just as it had begun. She wasn't ready to give up, however, and she surreptitiously passed files to Mia and Silva detailing four grisly murders that had gone unsolved. All four victims had been brutally attacked in the way the Werewolves of London were rumored to kill – the bodies looked as if they had been torn apart by ravenous beasts.

Yukimura sent Mia and Silva away before her Captain could notice them, and they returned to Net 54 to begin planning their new investigation.


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