Cyberpunk 2020

Where it all began

When rumors reached the Net 54 offices that dangerous cyberware was being purposely sold on the streets of Night City, Ian Murphy sent his two newest recruits to begin investigating. Mia Kelly, with her knack for handling all things tech, and Faustine Silva, a fast-talking reporter, set out into the gang-ridden streets looking for leads.

Mia's connections with the Gilligans, a mid-level gang based near the dockyards, put the pair onto the Red Star shipping line as a possible point of entry for the sabotaged cyber-goods. The duo managed to speak to the head of operations at Red Star, a man who introduced himself as "John Smith", but he wouldn't tell them anything about the origins or contents of the freight ships coming into Night City.

Outside the Red Star offices, Mia and Silva stumbled into a band of boosters. Despite her best efforts, Silva couldn't talk her way out of the gang's crosshairs, and a brief fire-fight ensued. Mia took a shot to her leg and things looked dicey until Kevin, the secretary in the Red Star offices, swept Mia back into the building and out of the booster gang's reach.

While Mia recovered from her injury (with a little help from Naomi Copeland, Silva's medic-in-training girlfriend), she and Silva planned their next move. In a few days they returned to the Red Star offices, this time to meet with Kevin. Silva spun him a story about John Smith specifically recommending Kevin to show the two women around the warehouses; Kevin took the bait and guided Mia and Silva through all the dockyard security. With a little more careful coaching, he finally showed them shipping crates that were full of containers he believed would eventually be picked up by members of the Philharmonic Vampyres – another city gang.

Silva once again distracted Kevin, and Mia placed tracers on the containers contents. She and Silva made a hasty exit from the docks. Now all they could do was wait for signs of movement. 


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