• Faustine Silva

    Faustine Silva

    A fast-talker working her way up the ladder of journalism.
  • Mia Kelly

    Mia Kelly

    A down-on-her-luck techie with a heart of gold.
  • Bernard Moon

    Bernard Moon

    Night City District Attorney. A man of few words.
  • Carlos Gutierrez

    Carlos Gutierrez

    The third of four murder victims. A grisly, unsolved case.
  • Daniela Andino

    Daniela Andino

    The first of four murder victims. A grisly, unsolved case.
  • Godefroy Gachet

    Godefroy Gachet

    Captain at Precinct One. Yukimura doesn't seem to trust him.
  • Herman Wheeler

    Herman Wheeler

    The second of four murder victims. A grisly, unsolved case.
  • Ian Murphy

    Ian Murphy

    A tough but fair reporter at Net 54 News who mentors Silva.
  • Kevin


    Secretary at Red Star Shipping. A complete airhead.
  • Naomi Copeland

    Naomi Copeland

    Sliva's girlfriend, a medic in training.
  • The Philharmonic Vampyres

    The Philharmonic Vampyres

    A gang of monied, mischievous nocturnal trouble-makers.
  • Xu Ling

    Xu Ling

    The most recent of four murder victims. A grisly case, still unsolved.
  • Yukimura Tamiyo

    Yukimura Tamiyo

    Detective at Precint One. She passed cold cases on to Mia & Silva.
  • Zak Lepajne

    Zak Lepajne

    Mia's contact in the Gilligans; he loves to dance.