Cyberpunk 2020

Night City Never Sleeps

Mia meets Silva and Naomi at a local bar to finish off a hard-earned day of R&R. She makes a friend on the dance floor, who turns out to be a well-connected Fixer. It's a fortuitous meeting: the next morning Mia and Silva realize that the Werewolves (or rather, their presumptive employers, OrbitalAir) are on their trail thanks to Kevin's clueless chattering. After a few anxious conversations, Jackie offers to find a safe-house for Mia and Silva. She also suggests that whatever information they have on OrbitalAir, the sooner it's public, the sooner they won't have targets on their backs.

Now that they're being hunted Mia and Silva redouble their efforts to get their hands on the incriminating information Xu Ling received from Wheeler AND find some proof of the connection the newly-discovered Werewolves of London to OrbitalAir. The best chance they have is to track down Xu Ling's missing cyberlimb.

Silva convinces Naomi to help her get access to City Medical Records, hoping that the digital coroner's report will contain the page missing from Detective Yukimura's file on Xu Ling. Naomi sets up an "appointment" for Mia so that she and Silva can get into the Med center without arousing any suspicion. Once in an exam room, Mia sets to work. Livewire, the notorious hacker whose rooms are serving as the Net 54 duo's safe house, has provided her with some undetectable software, but Mia has trouble setting up the physical port that she needs. The exam room terminal is obviously damaged, but Mia rigs up the port just long enough to get the files she and Silva are looking for. 

Mia's mistakes prove costly, however, and another medic barges into the exam room just as Mia is disconnecting her improvised apparatus. Silva's fast-talking proves unconvincing and the pair bolt from the room after Mia shoves the medic out of the door. Silva remembers the way to a back stairwell, and they rush from the building, leaving Naomi to handle the alarmed, abused medic.

Murphy's Law

After collecting the key that Mia's Gilligan contact had made for them, Mia and Silva cruised into Xu Ling's apartment to see what clues they could find about her death. It turned out that what was important was the things not there – no computer, no data chips. A perusal of Xu Ling's financial records indicated that she had, not too long ago, had some body modifications done. Mia and Silva's hunch is that she kept her most important digital files on (or rather, in) her body.

They finally managed to connect with Ian Murphy and brought him up to speed. He ultimately agreed that Xu Ling's death looks to be connected with Orbital Air, the company she was prosecuting at the time of her murder. Herman Wheeler, another of the unsolved murders, also happens to be affiliated with Orbital Air. 

The group retired to a bar near Ian's home so that Mia could pass on a message to him from Detective Yukimura, who had been suddenly reassigned out of town. A few rounds of drinks did their work, and Ian admitted to having an affair with the detective. Mia and Silva helped him home as best they could; they'll have to wait and see if he remembers that Mia told him his mistress is pregnant.

Highcourt in Little China

In hopes of reconstructing the activities of the Werewolves of London, Mia and Silva studied the four cold murder cases that Detective Yukimura had passed to them. The most recent case, of the murder of an assistant district attorney, seemed most likely to turn up leads now that the surveillance tapes made the Wolves legitimate suspects.

Xu Ling had been found dead only a little more than a month ago. Mia and Silva visited the DA's office to question her colleagues. Bernard Moon, the DA, answered them brusquely. He had little to tell them, but brought them to meet another young assistant DA that Xu Ling had been friends with. This man, still obviously affected by the woman's death, could only tell Mia and Silva that Xu Ling and her mother were very close. He believed that she lived at the Highcourt Hotel, an exclusive address occupied by high-ranking corporate executives and government officials.

Mia and Silva did their best to convince the concierge at the Highcourt that Mrs. Xu Ling Sr. was expecting them, but to no avail. Under the concierge's disapproving gaze, they settled in at the bar of one of the hotel's restaurants. Hoping for a little luck, they ordered food and waited to see if the elder Xu Ling would appear.

Instead, they overheard nervous chatter describing Mrs. Xu Ling as ill, possibly in imminent danger. The concierge, seeming to suspect Mia and Silva, questioned them about their connection to such an important hotel resident. Mia put on a great show of being distressed over "her dear friend" Xu Ling's death and the concierge softened towards her. In a brisk, business-like fashion she lead Mia and Silva up to Mrs. Xu Ling's rooms, though they arrived there only to find that the venerable matron had already been airlifted to Night City Medical Center.

Mia and Silva managed to shrug off the concierge for a few minutes. They made a quick search of the luxurious apartments; Mrs. Xu Ling had collected her daughter's possessions from the DA's office, and Silva took pictures of as many pages of files as she could. Mia managed to make a soap-impression of the set of keys she found with the files. When the concierge rejoined them, she gave Mia a room number at the hospital where Mrs. Xu Ling could be found.

On their way out of the hotel, Silva called Naomi to see if she could spare a few minutes to check up on the old woman. Naomi insisted that she was too busy, and that even if she wasn't, it would be inappropriate for her to get involved. Silva argued with her; the conversation ended in frustration and annoyance on both sided.

Mia and Silva's journey across town to the hospital was complicated by Kevin, who offered them a ride but took them along on a quick shopping trip first. Mia's sob-story didn't work any wonders on the hospital staff, however, and the pair failed to speak to Xu Ling's mother. They delivered the soap-mold of Xu Ling's keys to Mia's friend in the Gilligans – who they found at a raucous EDM concert downtown. Kevin, of course, was also there, so Mia decided to stay. Silva went to patch things up with Naomi; there was nothing they could do about the Werewolves that night.

Vampyres & Werewolves

Mia and Silva arrived at the warehouse unnoticed. Mia's skills with tech and electronics smoothed the pair's way into the building and got them access to the surveillance cameras. They ran back the recordings. Just as they suspected, a gang of people dressed in the characteristic top hats and tailcoats had dropped off the containers of bad cyberware. But just as the Vampyres were about to leave, the group was jumped by more than a dozen clawed figures. Silva and Mia watched, horrified, as the Vampyres were quickly and grotesquely slaughtered.

The claws meant only one thing – this was the Werewolves of London. The problem was, the Wolves didn't exist. Not officially, at least. According to the police, to the Night City government, and to anyone who hadn't had their brain fried by bad wiring, the Wolves were an urban legend and nothing more. But now Mia and Silva had evidence to the contrary. And they were as ruthless, efficient, and terrifying as the back-alley whispers suggested.

With copies of the warehouse surveillance recordings in hand, Mia and Silva rushed back to the Net 54 offices. They brought Ian Murphy up to speed with their discoveries and made him a deal: he could take over the story establishing the Werewolves of London as a very real and very active gang, while they would author the story about the Philharmonic Vampyres peddling corrupted cyberware themselves. They netted a reward from the District Attorney's office and earned the respect of their fellow reporters for their work.

However, neither of them was quite as willing to let go of the Werewolves expose as they had acted. With no other leads or tips even half as interesting, Mia and Silva did a quick search of Ian Murphy's office to see where he might have gone and who he might be talking to about the Wolves.

Trading on his name, they landed a meeting with Detective Yukimura Tamiyo, who, oddly enough, seemed to be expecting them when they arrived at Night City Precinct One. According to Yukimura, the investigation into the Werewolves was shut down just as it had begun. She wasn't ready to give up, however, and she surreptitiously passed files to Mia and Silva detailing four grisly murders that had gone unsolved. All four victims had been brutally attacked in the way the Werewolves of London were rumored to kill – the bodies looked as if they had been torn apart by ravenous beasts.

Yukimura sent Mia and Silva away before her Captain could notice them, and they returned to Net 54 to begin planning their new investigation.

On the trail of the Philharmonic Vampyres

Mia and Silva didn't have to wait too long for the tracers they planted on the suspicious cyberware to start moving. As they set out to intercept one of the tracers, Ian Murphy relayed a report that a man was found dead in a police holding cell, a victim of sabotaged cyberware that had turned against the very body it inhabited. He asked his team to see what they could find out.

As luck would have it, one of Mia's tracers was on the cyberware implicated in the unfortunate criminal's death. That gave them half of the puzzle complete – now Mia and Silva just needed to discover who had sold the hapless man the corrupted equipment in the first place. 

Some of Mia's other tracers showed up in the neighborhood of the [x] Theater. Rumor had it that the Philharmonic Vampyres had their base of operations in the sewers beneath the theater; but security around the [x] was so tight that Mia and Silva stood little chance of getting inside for a look around.

They decided to stay in the neighborhood and spend some time listening to gossip and watching for suspicious behavior. An eavesdropping session at a noodle bar revealed that the Philharmonic Vampyres were in the middle of an internal power-struggle. Mia and Silva moved to a karaoke club as the evening grew late, hoping to turn up more information or to catch sight of Vampyre activity.

Despite Mia's clever disabling of the bar's audio scrambling system, Silva didn't overhear anything helpful. Just as they were beginning to think of calling it a day, Kevin showed up. He egged Mia on to try a bit of karaoke, which she gleefully did. When they switched to dancing, they tried to get Silva to join in, all but dragging her onto the flashing, multi-colored dancefloor. Maybe it was because Silva was so reluctant,  or maybe it was because Kevin didn't really know what he was doing – whatever the reason, Silva found herself spun around and fell to the floor. Kevin and Mia burst out laughing; Silva stormed out of the bar vowing never to return.

Back to work the next day, Mia and Silva worked to connect the Philharmonic Vampyres to the bad cyberware. Mia's tracers had settled at a warehouse known as a repository of fine art and antiques – just the sort of place the affluent, mischievous Vampyres would have access to. Fingers crossed (and lightly armed), Mia and Silva made their way to the warehouse to see what they could learn. 


Where it all began

When rumors reached the Net 54 offices that dangerous cyberware was being purposely sold on the streets of Night City, Ian Murphy sent his two newest recruits to begin investigating. Mia Kelly, with her knack for handling all things tech, and Faustine Silva, a fast-talking reporter, set out into the gang-ridden streets looking for leads.

Mia's connections with the Gilligans, a mid-level gang based near the dockyards, put the pair onto the Red Star shipping line as a possible point of entry for the sabotaged cyber-goods. The duo managed to speak to the head of operations at Red Star, a man who introduced himself as "John Smith", but he wouldn't tell them anything about the origins or contents of the freight ships coming into Night City.

Outside the Red Star offices, Mia and Silva stumbled into a band of boosters. Despite her best efforts, Silva couldn't talk her way out of the gang's crosshairs, and a brief fire-fight ensued. Mia took a shot to her leg and things looked dicey until Kevin, the secretary in the Red Star offices, swept Mia back into the building and out of the booster gang's reach.

While Mia recovered from her injury (with a little help from Naomi Copeland, Silva's medic-in-training girlfriend), she and Silva planned their next move. In a few days they returned to the Red Star offices, this time to meet with Kevin. Silva spun him a story about John Smith specifically recommending Kevin to show the two women around the warehouses; Kevin took the bait and guided Mia and Silva through all the dockyard security. With a little more careful coaching, he finally showed them shipping crates that were full of containers he believed would eventually be picked up by members of the Philharmonic Vampyres – another city gang.

Silva once again distracted Kevin, and Mia placed tracers on the containers contents. She and Silva made a hasty exit from the docks. Now all they could do was wait for signs of movement. 

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