Cyberpunk 2020

Highcourt in Little China

In hopes of reconstructing the activities of the Werewolves of London, Mia and Silva studied the four cold murder cases that Detective Yukimura had passed to them. The most recent case, of the murder of an assistant district attorney, seemed most likely to turn up leads now that the surveillance tapes made the Wolves legitimate suspects.

Xu Ling had been found dead only a little more than a month ago. Mia and Silva visited the DA's office to question her colleagues. Bernard Moon, the DA, answered them brusquely. He had little to tell them, but brought them to meet another young assistant DA that Xu Ling had been friends with. This man, still obviously affected by the woman's death, could only tell Mia and Silva that Xu Ling and her mother were very close. He believed that she lived at the Highcourt Hotel, an exclusive address occupied by high-ranking corporate executives and government officials.

Mia and Silva did their best to convince the concierge at the Highcourt that Mrs. Xu Ling Sr. was expecting them, but to no avail. Under the concierge's disapproving gaze, they settled in at the bar of one of the hotel's restaurants. Hoping for a little luck, they ordered food and waited to see if the elder Xu Ling would appear.

Instead, they overheard nervous chatter describing Mrs. Xu Ling as ill, possibly in imminent danger. The concierge, seeming to suspect Mia and Silva, questioned them about their connection to such an important hotel resident. Mia put on a great show of being distressed over "her dear friend" Xu Ling's death and the concierge softened towards her. In a brisk, business-like fashion she lead Mia and Silva up to Mrs. Xu Ling's rooms, though they arrived there only to find that the venerable matron had already been airlifted to Night City Medical Center.

Mia and Silva managed to shrug off the concierge for a few minutes. They made a quick search of the luxurious apartments; Mrs. Xu Ling had collected her daughter's possessions from the DA's office, and Silva took pictures of as many pages of files as she could. Mia managed to make a soap-impression of the set of keys she found with the files. When the concierge rejoined them, she gave Mia a room number at the hospital where Mrs. Xu Ling could be found.

On their way out of the hotel, Silva called Naomi to see if she could spare a few minutes to check up on the old woman. Naomi insisted that she was too busy, and that even if she wasn't, it would be inappropriate for her to get involved. Silva argued with her; the conversation ended in frustration and annoyance on both sided.

Mia and Silva's journey across town to the hospital was complicated by Kevin, who offered them a ride but took them along on a quick shopping trip first. Mia's sob-story didn't work any wonders on the hospital staff, however, and the pair failed to speak to Xu Ling's mother. They delivered the soap-mold of Xu Ling's keys to Mia's friend in the Gilligans – who they found at a raucous EDM concert downtown. Kevin, of course, was also there, so Mia decided to stay. Silva went to patch things up with Naomi; there was nothing they could do about the Werewolves that night.


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