Cyberpunk 2020

Murphy's Law

After collecting the key that Mia's Gilligan contact had made for them, Mia and Silva cruised into Xu Ling's apartment to see what clues they could find about her death. It turned out that what was important was the things not there – no computer, no data chips. A perusal of Xu Ling's financial records indicated that she had, not too long ago, had some body modifications done. Mia and Silva's hunch is that she kept her most important digital files on (or rather, in) her body.

They finally managed to connect with Ian Murphy and brought him up to speed. He ultimately agreed that Xu Ling's death looks to be connected with Orbital Air, the company she was prosecuting at the time of her murder. Herman Wheeler, another of the unsolved murders, also happens to be affiliated with Orbital Air. 

The group retired to a bar near Ian's home so that Mia could pass on a message to him from Detective Yukimura, who had been suddenly reassigned out of town. A few rounds of drinks did their work, and Ian admitted to having an affair with the detective. Mia and Silva helped him home as best they could; they'll have to wait and see if he remembers that Mia told him his mistress is pregnant.


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