Cyberpunk 2020

Night City Never Sleeps

Mia meets Silva and Naomi at a local bar to finish off a hard-earned day of R&R. She makes a friend on the dance floor, who turns out to be a well-connected Fixer. It's a fortuitous meeting: the next morning Mia and Silva realize that the Werewolves (or rather, their presumptive employers, OrbitalAir) are on their trail thanks to Kevin's clueless chattering. After a few anxious conversations, Jackie offers to find a safe-house for Mia and Silva. She also suggests that whatever information they have on OrbitalAir, the sooner it's public, the sooner they won't have targets on their backs.

Now that they're being hunted Mia and Silva redouble their efforts to get their hands on the incriminating information Xu Ling received from Wheeler AND find some proof of the connection the newly-discovered Werewolves of London to OrbitalAir. The best chance they have is to track down Xu Ling's missing cyberlimb.

Silva convinces Naomi to help her get access to City Medical Records, hoping that the digital coroner's report will contain the page missing from Detective Yukimura's file on Xu Ling. Naomi sets up an "appointment" for Mia so that she and Silva can get into the Med center without arousing any suspicion. Once in an exam room, Mia sets to work. Livewire, the notorious hacker whose rooms are serving as the Net 54 duo's safe house, has provided her with some undetectable software, but Mia has trouble setting up the physical port that she needs. The exam room terminal is obviously damaged, but Mia rigs up the port just long enough to get the files she and Silva are looking for. 

Mia's mistakes prove costly, however, and another medic barges into the exam room just as Mia is disconnecting her improvised apparatus. Silva's fast-talking proves unconvincing and the pair bolt from the room after Mia shoves the medic out of the door. Silva remembers the way to a back stairwell, and they rush from the building, leaving Naomi to handle the alarmed, abused medic.


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